Celebrate Spring   by arranging fresh tulips for your table.

Red Tulips

First, select a vase. In this photo we’ve used a bubble bowl. Add a few stones around the perimeter of the vase interior – leaving a space for the tulip stems in the center. Add water. Use only a couple inches of water at a time. Bulb plant stems can disintegrate quickly and create bacteria in the water. Tulips are thirsty – give them fresh, clean, cool water daily. Add flower food for longer lasting flowers.

Blunt cut the tulip stems with a sharp knife. Drop them into the vase and let them fall naturally into place. Tulips can grow 1 – 1.5 inches overnight so allow for extra length in your arrangement. This simple design will be an evolving composition as tulips are phototropic and will curve toward light as they unfold to reveal their colorful inner petals.

To add dramatic line to this round bouquet wind a few branch tips through the arrangement. Enjoy!  Designing this arrangement is fast .. easy .. fun! Fresh flowers add beauty to our daily life. Give yourself a gift  with this simple, affordable luxury.

If you don’t have tulips growing in your yard – visit your local flower shop to purchase the materials you need and get professional advice from your florist.

Celebrate life with flowers!

Sharon McGukin AIFD, AAF, PFCI