As you plan your summer gatherings of family and friends, don’t forget to make them feel like special guests with flowers on the table. The beauty of fresh flowers and plants help make celebrations of everyday events.

This past weekend I had two parties … that’s right … two! While the schedule is open, the house is prepared for guests, and party centerpieces of flowers are on the tables – I find that it is just as easy to plan two events as it is to host one. This plan saves time and leaves open a later date to enjoy other activities instead of hosting another event.

For this weekend’s casual events, I created color bowls of small plants including Lisianthus, Ajuga, and Sedum in soft shades of grey-blue and purple to highlight my black table cloths outdoors. I chose some teal and black bowls that I had on hand to use as my containers. I finished off the designs with black stones to cover the exposed soil. A circle of small votive candles placed around the designs highlighted them as the evening progressed. The great part of these designs is that later I can plant these items outdoors in my garden. Now – I have not only saved time, but money as well.

To create your plant color bowl:

  1. Decide on your theme and colors
  2. Select a waterproof bowl
  3. Choose your plants
  4. Remove plants from containers and plant in bowl
  5. Mist plants and soil with water
  6. Add stones to complete the design

You can choose your favorite plants depending on size, color, and preference. Other suggestions include spring bulbs in pebbles, a collection of cacti in sand, succulents in colored glass, small grasses surrounded in seashells. A glass, plastic, ceramic, or pottery bowl could be chosen according to the style of centerpiece you want to create.

These materials can be found for purchase at your local florist or garden center. Be creative! Design your color bowls with your own preference of color, theme, and plant materials. It’s a great activity to share with children, as well.

Celebrate life with flowers!


Sharon McGukin AIFD, AAF, PFCI

is a floral designer, author of Flowers of the heart a bride’s guide to choosing flowers for your wedding                                                                                                                                  , $49.95 + S/H.

and Incoming President of American Institute of American Designers Visit for more details about AIFD

Sharon speaks to audiences across the country and encourages all to celebrate life with flowers!