Recently, I got a clue that it was almost Thanksgiving.

Early one morning, I heard a light tapping on our glass French doors at the side entrance. I went to the sunroom to see who was at the door. What a surprise! 21 big fat turkeys were standing on my porch tapping on the glass doors and windows with their beaks or pressing their faces up to the glass to see in. It shocked the … turkey … out of me!

I ran through the house to get my camera from upstairs. The flock ran along the outside of each room I went through, looking in the windows to see what I was doing. Weird. When I came back downstairs they were at the front door tapping. Apparently, they had never heard that ‘back door guests are best!’ They began roosting on my roof, then flying back down. Not very graceful at landing, I must say.

I went out to photograph them and they all came running to me (scary) like they were saying ‘pick me … pick me!” Those really fat ones would have looked great served on my turkey platter for Thanksgiving.

We live in a wooded area and we often see birds, deer, groundhogs, squirrels, etc. but never a flock of turkeys … fat, tame turkeys begging to come into the house for Thanksgiving. They kept looking in the dining room windows at the table – checking out the floral centerpiece. Seeing if it met their Turkey Day standards, I suppose.

My husband followed a trail of loose feathers through the woods and located a house nearby with an empty pen and an open gate. He contacted the owner and when she came home from work she walked over and the turkeys followed her home. Their Thanksgiving visit was over. Thank goodness!

DSC_0997Fat TurkeysDSC_1004