My new book Flowers of the heart – a bride’s guide to choosing flowers for her wedding is now available on Check it out!

One of the flower-savvy design tips in the book is:

When decorating a wedding cake with flowers, ask your cake baker to place mounds of icing in the spots where you want to place flowers. Insert the short stems into the icing to hold the flowers in place. This prevents the flower stems from directly touching the cake.

Your cake server can then remove the mounds of icing that the stems were stuck into without the stems touching the cake.

I saw on that some states were having an issue with fresh flowers placed directly on wedding cakes, because some florists stick the flower stems directly into the cake. This is a good solution to that problem without the addition of wet foam or other mechanics for holding flowers.

This is a cake photo from my book “Flowers of the heart” that uses that techinque:

Celebrate life with flowers!