I am getting lots of requests for my new book, FLOWERS OF THE HEART. To those of you who are sending the requests, creating the buzz, and spreading the word – THANK YOU! I appreciate you! Please be sure to continue to alert any new brides-to-be or wedding designers about the book as it can be very useful to them in creating wedding plans.

Among some of the most favorite elements of the book are 50 flower-savvy design tips scattered throughout the pages. This one is for floral enthusiasts who grow their own flowers and want to enjoy them indoors:

“The best time to gather outdoor flowers or foliage to use in design work is early in the morning or early in the evening. There will be less heat from the sun at those times of day resulting in flowers that are crisp and less dehydrated. Immediately process flowers, by removing foliages, cutting the stems with a sharp diagonal cut, and placing them in 5” – 7” of warm water that has flower food added. Foliage should be washed and sealed in a large plastic bag along with damp paper toweling for refrigeration. Spray with foliage preservative before using in designs.”

Now that the book has been fully released, I will have more time to add those and other floral tips, trends, and techniques into this blog. Be sure to check back weekly for new additions. If you have questions about flowers visit us on Facebook under both Sharon McGukin and Flowers of the heart or send me a tweet via twitter (sharonmcgukin). Download an order form for the book by clicking on Book Order Form (in bold print) below, email: sharonmcgukin@yahoo.com for a form or call 770.832.1897 to place an order and get a personalized copy from the first edition for yourself or a friend. Just in time for the fall season which is quickly becoming the favorite time of the year for weddings! Book Order form DSC_0204

Celebrate life with flowers!