The Teleflora NM – West TX Unit hosted a design event on Everyday Designs (Hot Designs for the Summer) in Santa Fe. This Smith and Carol Rose organized the event. I presented from stage a collection of fun, fast, and affordable designs for the summer market. We discussed innovative ways to provide customers with exceptional customer service, offering creative products of great value, and hosting entertaining in-store events and promotions. Realizing that flowers are an affordable luxury – we can inspire our customers to enjoy celebrating life with flowers! Flowers add a special beauty and fragrance to every occasion. In a down market, it is a great idea to suggest that customers –
* Select flowers that are long-lasting even in the summer heat.
* Choose flowers that are so fresh that aren’t even fully open and enjoy them longer.
* Give the gift of flowers to oneself just as you do to others.
* Select a couple of special vases and keep a few flowers in it on a regular basis.
* Drop by your local florist for advice on which flowers to choose.
* Select a floral signature so that the flowers you choose reminds others of you.DSC_0381DSC_0329DSC_0348DSC_0345DSC_0342DSC_0325DSC_0339DSC_0327