Too many days chained to the computer! When I awoke this morning my muscles were stiff, my neck and shoulders sore from slaving away at the computer – trying to get materials ready for the July 11th release of my new book “FLOWERS OF THE HEART a bride’s guide to choosing flowers for her wedding”. I went for my morning walk hoping to relieve some stress and loosen up my aching muscles. I watched the effortless beauty of our resident Hawks soaring above the trees. I waved to my father-in-law who was bush-hogging the pasture in the early morning light. He tries to beat the intensive heat of a broiling midday southern sun. The sweet smell of fresh cut hay and the golden rays of sunlight were revitalizing. Another beautiful day has arrived. Now … back to the computer – got to get those books out.
Watch in awe as your day blooms before you!