As I waited for in the stacks for my meeting with the director of my local library with my first copy of my new book about weddings, I thought how odd life is. All three of my children are close in age, they were born within four, short years. As teenagers they liked to tease me saying their proof that I was a bad mom was that when they were small, I made them drink apple juice, forced them to take naps, and always signed them up for the summer reading program at the library! All things that seemed like hardships to teens! As adults, however … they are now all very conscious of healthy eating and exercise, go to bed earlier than I do, and not only are they avid readers, but Shea (the kindergarten teacher) is always surfing for someone’s child that she can take to the library to sign up for the summer reading program! Their current, collective memory of those trips for books – is of enjoying visits with Ms. Rudene, the sweet, little librarian they knew from church, moving up to the next creatively painted cardboard stand for more books, and getting prizes at the end of the season. As we read all those books, through year after year of summers, I often told them they might grow up to be an author. I never imagined that I would. I have just written my first book for brides and florists about choosing flowers for their weddings. The first shipment of my new book is scheduled to arrive today …

Beginning to Bloom!