I was a little disappointed. I returned from our annual family vacation expecting to find a proofing copy of my first book ‘Flowers of the heart – a brides guide to choosing flowers for your wedding’ waiting on my doorstep. It hadn’t arrived. It was two years in the making, yet these last weeks seem to have been the longest. Was I able to transfer all that I strived for to paper? Would the book really be as valuable to brides and their florists that I hoped it would be? ‘Are we there yet?’  I opened the door and entered my home through the sunroom door. Immediately my eye caught side of one of my favorite Phalenopsis orchid plants now gleaming brilliantly with four beautiful, fully opened blooms. Gorgeous. In the hectic days prior to our leaving town, I had failed to even to notice that it had budded. Now it had fully bloomed. What a pleasure just to enjoy the surprise of its beauty!   The plant as lucky this year, the book is finished. Last year at this same time its beautiful, white blooms were sacrificed to be used in the bridal bouquet on page 183. My photographer said he wouldn’t like to be a flower in my home because you would  never know when you are about to be cut and placed into an arrangement or used for a photo shoot. Personally, I think of it as a way to capture their beauty forever. One of the lovely things about flowers is how a memory, of their beauty, lingers in your mind long after they are gone.  I have always held the belief that we should ‘bloom, where we are planted’. Regardless of the type of ‘flower’ God planted us to be – we should bloom and add beauty to the world we live in. As with flowers – our lives, our thoughts, our relationships, and our work must begin with the seeds we sow, grow, bud, then finally … and beautifully we bloom!   The orchid bloomed, in its own time. So will the book. So must my patience.   Bloom! Sharon